CLAY ALLEY Celebrates TENTH year!!!

Have you ever come across a person that makes you feel happy to know them? Have you ever had business dealings with a person that is honest, has integrity and has delivered your goods with amazing speed? Have you always been 100% satisfied with the quality of those goods?

I have and it is an awesome experience because Karen Rhodes of  Clay Alley is that kind of a person. Not only is she a wonderful friend, she is someone you can depend on to get your clay to you fast! FedEx, Overnight, UPS, DHL,  any way there is to ship, she can do it. Live outside the United States?  No problem – she will get your stuff to you! And, when you get your ‘stuff’ it will be of superior quality. I buy Premo clay from Clay Alley and it is always fresh and ready to use.

You will understand how important this is if you are sitting at your work table and realize that you are gonna NEED some black clay like – yesterday … if you are truly addicted to this wonderful medium called polymer clay this is your worst nightmare. Panic sets in when Halloween is THIS month and you gotta have 13 black cats made my the end of next week. We get spastic. We really do. ( And don’t go snickerin’ and snortin’ at me, you KNOW I’m right. )

I can solve that problem by going to Karen. Pick up the phone … “Karen, pretty please, send me a couple blocks of black clay ASAP”. Okey dokey, amigo. DONE! How easy is that?  Now I can be normal – well, let’s not go there.

Karen ain’t the kinda gal to go tootin’ her own horn but, hey, it’s her TENTH YEAR and if she won’t toot, I’ll be proud to do a bit of tootin’ myself! After all, she is a long-standing member of our  City-o-Clay Polymer Clay Group and I believe in supporting all of our fine members!

At Clay Alley you will find most anything you need for working with polymer clay … cutters, molds, paints, tools, glues, powders, air dry clays, blades and lots more. She will soon be adding a new kind of clay extruder that sounds like it’s gonna be pretty dang nifty.

Halloween is coming,  Thanksgiving Candy Tables Scene and Christmas is around the corner. There’s Hanukkah, Kwanza and so many other seasonal holidays. It’s a busy time for us polymer clay folks and we ain’t got time to waste.

We wanna make little mini black cats and pumpkins, tiny turkey dinners and Pilgrims, teeny weeny Christmas trees, Santa Claus and reindeer, Menorahs, mini Dreidels and Unity cups, Kinaras and corn … just make stuff  ’til we drop!

Do you need clay or do you know someone that would love a gift of clay? Order some from Karen or get a gift certificate – yeah, she has them too! One thing I love the best – her prices are very reasonable too!  Amazing huh?

You don’t have to take my word for it. Go to her testimonial page and see what many others think of Karen and her fine service.

If all this polymer clay isn’t your thing and you are more of an outdoorsy type you can carry on an interesting coversation with Karen about the fine points of  putting down a dry river bed … a BIG dry river bed.

Karen and Donna’s hard work – so beautiful and a job well done!

More than likely she’ll probably say “If you got the bucks get someone else to do it.”  but she can give you a few tips and tricks in case you insist on doing the job yourself … like ‘let somebody else push the wheelbarrow and stock up on aspirin!’

I really hope that you will visit Karen at  Clay Alley.  If you are happy with the supplier you now have that is a good thing but it’s always nice to have options too. If you are new to clay or new at ordering things from the Internet you can feel confident that you will have an enjoyable experience when you visit Clay Alley!

Wishing you a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by to visit me at the Polymer ClayHouse!

hugs, luny


Nora Jean – one woman show

Nora Jean Stone

I have so much respect and admiration for Nora Jean that it’s hard to express my thoughts without getting downright sappy. However …

She is funny, intelligent, talented, fine and sassy! She can even make biscuits from scratch and crochet fingerless gloves but she draws the line at jumping over buildings in a single bound but, hey, remember them biscuits, ya hear?

Nora Jean is the owner and operator of an online polymer clay group called City-O-Clay that has over 2,050 members and growing. I’ve been a member of this group almost since the beginning (1999) and it has always been a positive and uplifting group of members from all over the world. Simply stated, it’s a great place to learn what you want to know about polymer clay and have fun doing it. One rule … we must play nice. We do. Nora Jean won’t have it any other way and she protects her ‘peeps’ like a mother hen. We are there to clay with our friends and that’s what we do. We have a fine team of moderators that work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly so we can go about learning and living stress free. It’s a very comfortable “place” to be . . . you come as you are!

If you wish to have your Astrological chart made/read then you need to go visit Nora Jean’s Astrological Services and git er’ done! She has well over forty years experience, she’s honest, trustworthy and just a really fine person. I could tell you more but it’s just easier to go to her site and see what you think for yourself. She’s an amazing writer too!

She did my charts for me … didn’t change my life but made me understand it better. When you understand something it is far easier to deal with – even if you don’t like it.

This is actually a pen covered with polymer clay – by Nora Jean

Her website, Nora, is spilling over with tutorials, tips and tricks for polymer clay so if you go there pack a bag  … it’s a mighty site! All her work it 100% original and very definitely unique.

Remember them biscuits – I wasn’t fibbin’! These are real!

These are rolls – you can’t eat these, they are polymer clay. Nora Jean has a tutorial for these and tons of mini food tutorials that she shares with us for free. All you gotta do visit …

I love her for so many reasons but mostly, I love her because she IS who she IS. It’s like when someone tells you ‘I’ll be there for you’ and they ARE. Yeah, like that!



I had such good intentions

Such as ‘intending’ to make some nifty goodies with all these colorful little treasures. It’s been a few weeks and, well, we can see how THAT turned out. So it goes with my intention to be a dedicated blogger.

My goals were to find some cool polymer clay artists and feature them on this blog. Yeah, I know …we can see how that turned out too. So now, I’ll give you a lame excuse (to cover up my procrastinating ways) and see if I can get it going this time.

Trying to do a blog or website on an 11-year-old computer, using Win 98 and dial-up, is just about as much fun as having a root canal. Now you can see why I wasn’t really into it. Pretty acceptable excuse, right? Allrighty then, let’s move on.

Got a new computer with Window Vista and it’s rockin’! Instant attitude adjuster, lol! So, a new beginning and without further ado …

May I introduce you to . . .

Gabriele Agustini

A delightful and  lovely lady with a way with words that finds humor in every day things. Gabriele’s newest entry “If I can’t have Paris at least give me truffles” is where she proceeds to wrestle with truffle making with spikes and sparks of humor while sharing her ‘raw foodie’ adventures. How can you not love that? “Why I drink hot water” where she shares her mood of the day cups is a delightful read. Her kitchen adventures with her two most entertaining granddaughters can be found in previous blogs and is well worth reading if you would care for a bit of sparkle in your day.

Gabriele has just started her adventure into polymer clay in which the aforementioned granddaughters are all too happy to keep the entertainment flowing with their well-timed antics and a bit of origami thrown in just in case.

With that being said, Gabriele is an extremely talented artist in another medium. She creates the most stunning hand painted silk scarves I’ve ever seen. They are worn by many, many famous people. Her sense of color and design just takes your breath away. Her website, Gabriele Agustini- Wrap yourself in luxury is a place to visit if you love serious eye-candy. Get something to prop up your chin so it don’t fall on the keyboard while you gaze at her amazing work!

Check out this lovely lady that makes the world a brighter place!

hugs, luny

Update on Rubberized Bead Board

June 11, 2008

I received an email from Barbara, the Social Media Moderator – Marketing Department, for Fire Mountain Gems  today,  thanking me for featuring their Rubberized Bead Board. It sure made my day to know that a big company such as that would even notice my tiny blog. It shows that they stay on top of things, but still, how cool is that?. Hey, why blog if nobody reads the stuff …

She also mentioned a fact that I had not thought of so I am posting the information here …

“We noticed you’re recommending the 200+ price break (our All Assortable Pricing) and wanted to make sure you know that you don’t have to order 200 of the same product to receive this price break – you can mix and match any products to take advantage of the 200+ price break. More information on our All Assortable Discount Pricing can be found here:

There ya have it.
Hugs, luny

Speaking of Kim Cavender . . .

Kim has published a polymer clay book 

Polymer Clay for the Fun of it”.  

I love it and highly recommend it for anyone, beginners and beyond. She doesn’t skimp on “complete” instructions by leaving out the “little” extra steps that are necessary for all the projects.

Lots of clear and precise photos make it really easy to make anything in her book. I have so many bookmarks in her book that it actually bulges – a sure sign that there’s lots of goodies in there. I particularly like the borders and trims that she shows how to make and her leaf cane is awesome. I hope this bright and delightful young lady will be doing more books in the future!

(Book photo courtesy of

hugs, luny

How very cool!

Kim Cavendar of Imagine Uncommon Things  visited my blog to see the fuss about those half moon beads that seems to be of interest to more folks than I ever expected. I never “expected” anything so I was surprised and pleased that I’ve gotten such nice feedback from some mighty fine folks.

Kim has some very nice things to say  ” …this is a wonderful bead shape and would lend itself to so many different surface designs.”  I felt pretty dang swell about that. I do agree that these beads are quite versatile. I am sure these beads have been done before by someone, somewhere but they are “new to me”. I originally got the idea from a bracelet I had seen a model wearing in a magazine. The more I play around with these things, the more interesting they get. I have been doing some fooling around with the half moon beads and have taken some new photos to show as soon as I get them edited and uploaded.

Kim was so kind to give me a mention in her blog too, so my counter hits have gone through the roof, yowser! Thank you so much Kim. I’ve been a long time admirer of your amazing creative talent, stunning work and for just being the very nice person that you are. Even though you do have that, uh. . . rock fetish thingy! LOL!

Hugs, luny


Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!!

I LIKE this!!      


Gimmie, gimmie, gimme!




         Gimmie, Gimmie!!



I get newsletters from Fire Mountain Gems and today this was a featured product. I don’t need it but “want”  does count, right? 

It’s approximately 20″ x 7″, made of a rubberized material and has 5 individual wells for sorting your beads and things. You can find out more about it at Fire Mountain Gems. I like the fact that it can be rolled up for storage or packing for classes, it won’t slip around while you are working on it and I am willing to bet that it is easier to clean that the ones that have the gray flocking material on it. What’s not to love?

The price for this tantalizing little treasure? A reasonable price of $13.72 for one. If you want to order more than 200 for those really busy days then they are $7.74 each. Yeah, only in my dreams am I ever gonna be THAT busy.  

hugs, luny

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