Find your forehead …whack, whack

 Oh, for goodness sake … I’ve been trudging around with a tablet strapped to my hip and a pencil hanging on a chain around my neck so that every time I get a brain spark I don’t have to go hunting for pen and paper. Now all I need is some pointy-toed boots to kick the dust-balls outta my way while I’m on a blog mission.

So, I got a blog … what to do, what to do? The fascinating and titillating events in my daily life wouldn’t excite a gnat so we ain’t going there … not often anyway… if you’re lucky. 

After a couple of days of ‘How ’bout this? How ’bout that?” running amok in my cranium, I had a  forehead whacking moment of startling revelation … I’m gonna talk about other people!  Specifically polymer clay people and even MORE specifically, I’m gonna talk nice.

If you are familiar with polymer clay then you are probably  familiar with some well known artists such as Donna Kato, Maureen Carlson, Sue Heaser and so many other amazing artists. While I will include these talented and gracious artists from time to time, my primary focus is to introduce you to artists that you may not know … budding artists, shy artists, artists hiding their light under a bushel. There will also be talk about polymer clay things that I find along the way including tutorials, tips, techniques, tools, supplies, books or anything related to polymer clay.

The polymer clay community is beyond generous and will share most anything they know to get you addicted to clay too. If they get a light-bulb moment they HAVE to share it with you or risk the chance of imploding. A few keep their “secrets” but that is to be expected, especially if they are using polymer clay as a means to earn a living. I’ve ‘met’ so many talented and gracious people in my travels on the polymer clay road and this is the perfect opportunity to ‘introduce’ them to you.

That’s my plan. Meanwhile, I gotta work on getting some links and stuff done. I’m not anxious for anymore startling revelations at the moment …my forehead is still smarting from the last whacking.

thanks for being here …

hugs, luny


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