Come into my parlor …



 A mini haunted house made from mulch, sticks twigs, toilet paper rolls, moss and anything else that was handy. Also added polymer clay minis made for Halloween








Would you care for some sweets my little pretties?                Tiny trickor treats for a Halloween party!


 Never, ever drive your broom without your glasses …                   “Wrong way” witch magnet made with polymer clay.                           


Okay, alright…enough! Let’s move on …

Admittedly, it’s probably a wee bit late to get started on making all those things you were going to make with your clay for this Halloween but here’s some cool tutorials for making some ghosties and goulies anyway … consider it an early start for next year … (yeah, I know, that’s the same thing I told myself last year too).

Hanging Bats by Thomas Ojeda 


Cat/Pumpkin Pin by Joshua Burkhardt

Pumpkin Cane by Leigh Ross  

Ghost Pins by Bonnie Willey.


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