When ah says Whoa, ah means Whoa …

For those of you that are not fans of the Looney Tunes   characters, that was the words of a cartoon character called “Yosemite Sam”.  He was riding a camel and the ‘dang varmit’ wouldn’t stop when he said “whoa’. I’ve been a fan of Looney Tunes for close to sixty years and they still envoke helpless laughter whenever I see them. Daffy Duck is my hero. Why, you ask? He never wins but he keeps on trying. He’s not smart but he’s waay up there in perseverance. In another life he was probably my twin brother! LOL!

Point being?

Halloween’s over. Put up the Christmas tree! Whoa,whoa, whoa  . . . take some time to smell the pumpkin  will ya?

The other day somebody just happen to mention that we only had an ‘x’ number of days before Christmas. They’re still trying to cover up that bruise on their forehead with makeup.

Why do they have to do that to me? It’s not like I don’t live on the same planet and don’t know what day it is. Well, maybe sometimes, but still . . .

 Things are too rushed this time of year. They’ve got Halloween stuff stuck next to the Christmas balls stuck next to last years Valentine candy and some stray jelly beans from last Easter. All the commercialization kills the true spirit of celebration.

When I was a kid it seemed that there were longer time spans between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They were all separate entities unto themselves. When Halloween was over I couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving and it seemed like FOREVER – same way with Christmas.  Now they’re all bunched up like a pair of twisted knickers on a boogie-woogie dancer. We  gotta get those wedgies out of the holiday hurry-up pants.

Thanksgiving gets wedged in between Halloween and Christmas. You don’t get dressed up in a costume and get bags of candy and there’s no sparkly tree and presents that comes with Thanksgiving so it doesn’t offer that aura of excitement that comes with “getting something” does.  (To a lot of folks, eating all the food your belly can hold IS getting something but those of us that don’t live in cardboard houses may tend to forget that every now and then but that’s a whole ‘nother rant for some other time.)

You gotta squeeze that Thanksgiving dinner between whatever football game is on the tube and making plans to get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year the next day.

I don’t know about you but when I spend three or four days of my time making the biggest meal of the year I get a wee bit off center that all that hard work can be overshadowed when you’ve got to squeeze dinner in at half-time. (I don’t reckon I have to mention WHAT it is that I’d really like to squeeze.) Then they eat so fast all they can do is crawl back to their big chairs to burp, fart and fall asleep and don’t even see the second half of the game. Serves ’em right, by golly. Hey, I love football but turkey is supposed to be the star on THAT day!

What is more joyous than a table laden with good food and family and friends to share it with? Giving thanks is the least one can do for such a blessed event such as that. Give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. Celebrate it as though it’s the only holiday in the world. Put away the thoughts of shopping, shipping, packing, wrapping and decorating that is beginning to stress you out. Especially if you are the cook . . . you’ll feel better if you just focus on the priority of what’s in front of you for that day and not think about all the other stuff you still have to do for the “next” holiday. Enjoy the one you got right in front of you.

If you’ve got a bevy of football fans to contend with . . . eat early – eat late – or just throw the dang TV out the window or, better yet,  accept the fact that even if you gotta do the half-time squeeze, at least you have friends and family and food to feed them. We should all be so blessed.

Speaking of Thanksgiving . . .


That’s a little polymer clay dinner I made with polymer clay replicating what goes on our table for Thanksgiving. The turkey is about the size of a dime. I’ll try to get a better photo soon.

Even though it is a busy time of year you still might find some time to de-stress and do a little claying. Here’s some neat little tutorials that might tempt your creativity … do a little claying while waiting for the big bird to thaw or while you’re baking them pies or just order out and clay while you enjoy the football game too!

Create your own miniature Thanksgiving Dinner with this delightful tutorial from Sculpey

Nora Jean’s websitee . . . a MUST SEE if you want to make some cool mini foods …the bread section will blow you away!

Pilgrim Pin Set

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings …”Little Ears of Corn”

Harvest Wreath . . . a bit more complicated but very, very nice. LOTS of mini fruits and veggies and more …

Please enjoy and I wish you all a warm, lovely  and bountiful Thankgiving

hugs, luny



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