I had such good intentions

Such as ‘intending’ to make some nifty goodies with all these colorful little treasures. It’s been a few weeks and, well, we can see how THAT turned out. So it goes with my intention to be a dedicated blogger.

My goals were to find some cool polymer clay artists and feature them on this blog. Yeah, I know …we can see how that turned out too. So now, I’ll give you a lame excuse (to cover up my procrastinating ways) and see if I can get it going this time.

Trying to do a blog or website on an 11-year-old computer, using Win 98 and dial-up, is just about as much fun as having a root canal. Now you can see why I wasn’t really into it. Pretty acceptable excuse, right? Allrighty then, let’s move on.

Got a new computer with Window Vista and it’s rockin’! Instant attitude adjuster, lol! So, a new beginning and without further ado …

May I introduce you to . . .

Gabriele Agustini

A delightful and  lovely lady with a way with words that finds humor in every day things. Gabriele’s newest entry “If I can’t have Paris at least give me truffles” is where she proceeds to wrestle with truffle making with spikes and sparks of humor while sharing her ‘raw foodie’ adventures. How can you not love that? “Why I drink hot water” where she shares her mood of the day cups is a delightful read. Her kitchen adventures with her two most entertaining granddaughters can be found in previous blogs and is well worth reading if you would care for a bit of sparkle in your day.

Gabriele has just started her adventure into polymer clay in which the aforementioned granddaughters are all too happy to keep the entertainment flowing with their well-timed antics and a bit of origami thrown in just in case.

With that being said, Gabriele is an extremely talented artist in another medium. She creates the most stunning hand painted silk scarves I’ve ever seen. They are worn by many, many famous people. Her sense of color and design just takes your breath away. Her website, Gabriele Agustini- Wrap yourself in luxury is a place to visit if you love serious eye-candy. Get something to prop up your chin so it don’t fall on the keyboard while you gaze at her amazing work!

Check out this lovely lady that makes the world a brighter place!

hugs, luny


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gabriele Agustini
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 16:52:25

    Thank you very much for writing about me!! I appreciate it SO much!
    My granddaughters feel famous now. 🙂
    And I feel appreciative that you took the time to do that – and that you like my work!

    I look forward to seeing many new photographs of your awesome clay pieces, because I like YOUR work too!!

    Again, thank you!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,



  2. lunytuner
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 18:12:01

    You are so welcome Gabriele! It was my pleasure.

    You are a very gracious person and I sure do hope you get famous real fast although I don’t think my little ol’ blog is gonna help with that, lol! Besides, I think you are already ‘famous’ in the eyes of a great many ‘famous’ people!

    hugs, luny


  3. Alice Stroppel
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 11:25:45

    Thanks for the feature and link to Gabriele’s site. Great fun! And I,m glad you have a new computer. It’s like when you finally trade in your first car. You wonder why you waited so long.


    • michele "luny'
      Aug 17, 2010 @ 18:25:04

      Hey Alice! Thank you so much for stopping by.
      After seeing Gabriele’s delightful blog I just had to write about it …I caught myself laughing out loud a lot and thought ‘hey, why not share the fun?’

      And, yeah, my butt’s still got bruises on it from kicking myself for waiting so dang long, lol!


  4. Gabriele Agustini
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 14:24:31

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog, luny!! Much appreciated!!
    Sending love, my friend ~


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