Nora Jean – one woman show

Nora Jean Stone

I have so much respect and admiration for Nora Jean that it’s hard to express my thoughts without getting downright sappy. However …

She is funny, intelligent, talented, fine and sassy! She can even make biscuits from scratch and crochet fingerless gloves but she draws the line at jumping over buildings in a single bound but, hey, remember them biscuits, ya hear?

Nora Jean is the owner and operator of an online polymer clay group called City-O-Clay that has over 2,050 members and growing. I’ve been a member of this group almost since the beginning (1999) and it has always been a positive and uplifting group of members from all over the world. Simply stated, it’s a great place to learn what you want to know about polymer clay and have fun doing it. One rule … we must play nice. We do. Nora Jean won’t have it any other way and she protects her ‘peeps’ like a mother hen. We are there to clay with our friends and that’s what we do. We have a fine team of moderators that work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly so we can go about learning and living stress free. It’s a very comfortable “place” to be . . . you come as you are!

If you wish to have your Astrological chart made/read then you need to go visit Nora Jean’s Astrological Services and git er’ done! She has well over forty years experience, she’s honest, trustworthy and just a really fine person. I could tell you more but it’s just easier to go to her site and see what you think for yourself. She’s an amazing writer too!

She did my charts for me … didn’t change my life but made me understand it better. When you understand something it is far easier to deal with – even if you don’t like it.

This is actually a pen covered with polymer clay – by Nora Jean

Her website, Nora, is spilling over with tutorials, tips and tricks for polymer clay so if you go there pack a bag  … it’s a mighty site! All her work it 100% original and very definitely unique.

Remember them biscuits – I wasn’t fibbin’! These are real!

These are rolls – you can’t eat these, they are polymer clay. Nora Jean has a tutorial for these and tons of mini food tutorials that she shares with us for free. All you gotta do visit …

I love her for so many reasons but mostly, I love her because she IS who she IS. It’s like when someone tells you ‘I’ll be there for you’ and they ARE. Yeah, like that!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gabriele Agustini
    Oct 01, 2010 @ 14:19:27

    WOW! Beautiful clay work!!
    I really enjoyed reading about Nora Jean.
    She sounds very special and her talent is awesome!!

    Speaking of talent…
    Yours is nothing to sneeze at, young lady!
    I’ve seen some of your clay work and I love it!!

    Thanks again for featuring me on your blog, the last time!!



  2. lunytuner
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 02:10:58

    Thank you Missy Gabriele! I’ve been wanting to do a post on Nora Jean for a long time an finally got it done!

    Thank you also the nice compliments about my work too!

    And, not to worry … you’ll be back on my blog again because your blogs are just too funny!
    Big hugs,


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