Half Moon Quickie Hollow Beads

Jennny girl . . . this bead’s for you!

Jenny, from Craft Test Dummiesleft me a nice comment about the half moon beads I’ve been noodling with (thank you Jenny)….                 

She mentioned that they looked “complicated”. Not so. In fact, they are really easy to do. Here’s a really quick how-to …

Condition clay and roll on #1 setting on pasta machine. Using a circle cutter of your size choice ( 1and 5/8 inch size is what is used here) and cut out the circle. . . 

 Fold one side of circle to other side of circle and slightly pinch the sides together in middle … continue to gently press the clay together around the edges until they are sealed and finish by smoothing the seam…

Make two holes in the bead at the “straight” fat end going through both sides …

Using the first bead as a guide for hole placement, align another bead next to it as shown and push the needle through the already made holes to place “marks” on the new bead to show where you want to make the holes … the photo below shows the needle all the way through both beads but that is just to show that they will line up well. Don’t push the needle tool through both beads at the same time … each bead will need to be done one at a time and always using the first bead as a marker. There are other ways to precisely mark the holes but this is fast and easy and works for a practice quickie! LOL!

Now all that’s left to do is bake, sand, buff and string. I know this is a quick zippity-doo-dah explanation but if you have any questions just give me a holler! I promise I’ll help!

Please be sure to visit Jenny’s Craft Test Dummies  site. She is a delightful and humorous writer and her site is informative, interesting and helpful!

Thanks for being here ..

hugs, luny


The road less traveled

The polymer clay world is positively overflowing with many talented and well known artists. We read about them all the time. We follow their successes, cheer them on and are thankful for all they have done to teach, encourage and inspire us. They have given back so much to the clay community and have rightfully earned their place in the spotlight and deserve to be respected and admired.

On the other hand, there are many, many more talented artists that don’t have their names up in lights . . . yet. Most folks may never have heard of them and I would like to do my little bit to change that. I’m not really sure what I’m doing with a blog anyway since I’m one of those that charge ahead with nothing but an idea and a “semi-plan”. It’s like leaving the house knowing you’ve got your knickers on but not quite sure if you’ve got them on inside out or right side in. You’re covered but a bit lacking in style.

With hopes of improving my sense of style I would like to introduce you to some interesting and talented folks you may not know.

Karin . . . “Kay”, a lovely and delightful artist from South Africa

Kay is an amazing polymer clay miniaturist specializing in mini foods. Sometimes I wonder if she secretly has a miniature army of little elves and gnomes hidden in a tiny factory somewhere. This girl can pump out some of the most yummy and delicious mini foods faster than a speeding bullet!

 Kay is a member and a moderator of CITY-O-CLAY where I have also been a happy member for many years. She is generous in helping others and sharing her techniques and how to lessons.

To find out more about this very talented lady you can check out her BLOG  and where you can also find some of her tutorials. You can see many fine examples of her work at her Flikr album Kay’s Miniatures  Bring a napkin – you WILL drool!  Kay also sells her wonderful miniatures and may be contacted at  kaydown62@yahoo.com  for more information.


Gosh, now that wasn’t so bad.  I think I can do this . . .  now that I’ve got a reason to blog I might just stick with it. The hardest part is deciding who my next victim, uh …  ‘guest’ will be. No easy task as there are so many artists that I want you to meet.  Oh well, nothing like a good challenge to get the blood pumping!

Stay tuned. . .

 hugs, luny ♥                                                                               


Pen draggin’ …

It’s been a while since I’ve been caught dragging a pen across paper and jotting down any nonsense. Chalk it up to the funkiness of  cabin fever or the lack of energy to drag the old buns out of the cave to check my shadow … Anyhow, now that I’m already up, it might be a good time to share some fun clay things…

My friend, Andrea, has a super website , Tiny Crafts, that is full of enticing, creative things to whack your muses and tons of information about polymer clay. Her site is a fully loaded place of information that also goes way beyond clay. You gotta check it out!

Speaking of funky … here’s a weird bracelet thingy I’ve been working on

Funk bracelet

yeah … I know. I said it was funky. This is just a rough prototype kind of thingy made from scrap clay. I had seen a model wearing something like it in a perfume ad and thought it was kinda cool. Hers was a gorgeous shiny bright white and mine is a bunch of crappy scrappy clay but it came out pretty good for a practice piece. They are hollow half-moon shapes held together with stretchy cord right now just to keep them all in one place but I’m thinking of doing some mokume gane or maybe some other kind of technique to cover them and see what comes up.  I’ll keep you posted and will work on a how-to for making the beads. Who knows, maybe I ain’t the only funky bracelet lover out there!

More funkiness . . .

 Cool Fish  

While this isn’t made from clay I thought this was such a fun project that I just had to try it. The link above will take you to some instructions.  … or here. for another version.

UpdatedApril 7, 2012 … a very nice visitor wrote to me and  said that the original “Cool Fish” link did not work. I did a search and could not find it so I have replaced them with a couple of new ones that are similar. I have a lot more links for ‘plastic bottle fish’ so if you want more links just email me and let me know.)

Every one that has seen the finished projects thought that they were blown glass. The big surprise … they are made out of 2-liter plastic soda bottles! I’ve made about a dozen of them and they really look cool hanging about the place. I want to make more to hang outside from some tree branches on the deck and garden.

Faux Black Opals

This is a gorgeous faux black opal made with polymer clays. Ms. Peabody is a dear and wonderful friend that does her own thing with polymer clay producing unique and stunning pieces of art. She has graciously shared a tutorial for making her opals. While you are there be sure to check out her wonderful sea sculptures and other inspiring works of art in her galleries… Ms. Peabody Originals

Thank you for visiting today. I’m going to do better with my posting in the future. As of now, I really don’t have a “plan” for subject matter other than clay talk but I’ve decided that this blog is going to be for “mind spill”. I have a mind full of stuff and I gotta empty it out somewhere to keep a certain level of sanity in my life so this blog is going to be the depository for times when I start to overflow!

Big hugs, luny

When ah says Whoa, ah means Whoa …

For those of you that are not fans of the Looney Tunes   characters, that was the words of a cartoon character called “Yosemite Sam”.  He was riding a camel and the ‘dang varmit’ wouldn’t stop when he said “whoa’. I’ve been a fan of Looney Tunes for close to sixty years and they still envoke helpless laughter whenever I see them. Daffy Duck is my hero. Why, you ask? He never wins but he keeps on trying. He’s not smart but he’s waay up there in perseverance. In another life he was probably my twin brother! LOL!

Point being?

Halloween’s over. Put up the Christmas tree! Whoa,whoa, whoa  . . . take some time to smell the pumpkin  will ya?

The other day somebody just happen to mention that we only had an ‘x’ number of days before Christmas. They’re still trying to cover up that bruise on their forehead with makeup.

Why do they have to do that to me? It’s not like I don’t live on the same planet and don’t know what day it is. Well, maybe sometimes, but still . . .

 Things are too rushed this time of year. They’ve got Halloween stuff stuck next to the Christmas balls stuck next to last years Valentine candy and some stray jelly beans from last Easter. All the commercialization kills the true spirit of celebration.

When I was a kid it seemed that there were longer time spans between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They were all separate entities unto themselves. When Halloween was over I couldn’t wait until Thanksgiving and it seemed like FOREVER – same way with Christmas.  Now they’re all bunched up like a pair of twisted knickers on a boogie-woogie dancer. We  gotta get those wedgies out of the holiday hurry-up pants.

Thanksgiving gets wedged in between Halloween and Christmas. You don’t get dressed up in a costume and get bags of candy and there’s no sparkly tree and presents that comes with Thanksgiving so it doesn’t offer that aura of excitement that comes with “getting something” does.  (To a lot of folks, eating all the food your belly can hold IS getting something but those of us that don’t live in cardboard houses may tend to forget that every now and then but that’s a whole ‘nother rant for some other time.)

You gotta squeeze that Thanksgiving dinner between whatever football game is on the tube and making plans to get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year the next day.

I don’t know about you but when I spend three or four days of my time making the biggest meal of the year I get a wee bit off center that all that hard work can be overshadowed when you’ve got to squeeze dinner in at half-time. (I don’t reckon I have to mention WHAT it is that I’d really like to squeeze.) Then they eat so fast all they can do is crawl back to their big chairs to burp, fart and fall asleep and don’t even see the second half of the game. Serves ’em right, by golly. Hey, I love football but turkey is supposed to be the star on THAT day!

What is more joyous than a table laden with good food and family and friends to share it with? Giving thanks is the least one can do for such a blessed event such as that. Give Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. Celebrate it as though it’s the only holiday in the world. Put away the thoughts of shopping, shipping, packing, wrapping and decorating that is beginning to stress you out. Especially if you are the cook . . . you’ll feel better if you just focus on the priority of what’s in front of you for that day and not think about all the other stuff you still have to do for the “next” holiday. Enjoy the one you got right in front of you.

If you’ve got a bevy of football fans to contend with . . . eat early – eat late – or just throw the dang TV out the window or, better yet,  accept the fact that even if you gotta do the half-time squeeze, at least you have friends and family and food to feed them. We should all be so blessed.

Speaking of Thanksgiving . . .


That’s a little polymer clay dinner I made with polymer clay replicating what goes on our table for Thanksgiving. The turkey is about the size of a dime. I’ll try to get a better photo soon.

Even though it is a busy time of year you still might find some time to de-stress and do a little claying. Here’s some neat little tutorials that might tempt your creativity … do a little claying while waiting for the big bird to thaw or while you’re baking them pies or just order out and clay while you enjoy the football game too!

Create your own miniature Thanksgiving Dinner with this delightful tutorial from Sculpey

Nora Jean’s websitee . . . a MUST SEE if you want to make some cool mini foods …the bread section will blow you away!

Pilgrim Pin Set

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings …”Little Ears of Corn”

Harvest Wreath . . . a bit more complicated but very, very nice. LOTS of mini fruits and veggies and more …

Please enjoy and I wish you all a warm, lovely  and bountiful Thankgiving

hugs, luny


Come into my parlor …



 A mini haunted house made from mulch, sticks twigs, toilet paper rolls, moss and anything else that was handy. Also added polymer clay minis made for Halloween








Would you care for some sweets my little pretties?                Tiny trickor treats for a Halloween party!


 Never, ever drive your broom without your glasses …                   “Wrong way” witch magnet made with polymer clay.                           


Okay, alright…enough! Let’s move on …

Admittedly, it’s probably a wee bit late to get started on making all those things you were going to make with your clay for this Halloween but here’s some cool tutorials for making some ghosties and goulies anyway … consider it an early start for next year … (yeah, I know, that’s the same thing I told myself last year too).

Hanging Bats by Thomas Ojeda http://www.pcpolyzine.com/0310october/bats.html 

CuteHalloweeniesbyAmyKoranek http://sculpey.com/Projects/projects_AmazingHalloweenies.htDangling

Cat/Pumpkin Pin by Joshua Burkhardt        http://www.joshclay.com/black_cat.html

Pumpkin Cane by Leigh Ross            http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/pumpkin.html

Ghost Pins by Bonnie Willey.          http://www.sculpey.com/Projects/projects_GhostPins.htm

Autumn Inspiration

 It all started with a Fall colors challenge from Staci, a member of our City-o-Clay group. “Look out your windows, go outside and let the bright colors of Fall inspire you to make something”.

Oh fine, swell … I live in Florida, it’s GREEN, Staci. The temptation to go spray paint the palms in shades of yellow and red so I could get in the Fall mood was immediately squashed when the hubs got wind of that stroke of genius. Oh well, back to browsing the web for lovely Fall pictures …drag out some picture books …

Then, today  a package arrived from my dear friend, Peabody, from Washington state where they have real Fall foliage. In the package …

Colorful thoughtfulness An explosion of brilliant color to inspire. All retrieved from the yard of a thoughtful friend that took the time to  go out,  hand pick some prime leaves, put them in a box and mail them to me for inspiration. The thought itself is as lovely as the leaves themselves. If that won’t brighten your day you might as well go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.

I grabbed some colors

Clay colorsLeft to right …gold, burnt umber, brown, pearl green, copper. cadmium red, neon yellow.

And made some stuff

Cat tail / pendant

and played with color.


Thank you for a bright and beautiful day dear Peabody!

Speaking of Fall … from a native Floridian’s point of view

Florida is lovely in the Fall which is why folks from up north migrate here during the winter months. I suspect that not having to shovel snow is one of the main reasons for that.

I decided to head out to the backyard and take a few photos to show some of the other reasons Florida is so fine in the Fall.

 Orchid        Croton         Orchid 2


wicked tree 

 Above is my most favorite tree in the neighborhood

. . .  perfect for


Find your forehead …whack, whack

 Oh, for goodness sake … I’ve been trudging around with a tablet strapped to my hip and a pencil hanging on a chain around my neck so that every time I get a brain spark I don’t have to go hunting for pen and paper. Now all I need is some pointy-toed boots to kick the dust-balls outta my way while I’m on a blog mission.

So, I got a blog … what to do, what to do? The fascinating and titillating events in my daily life wouldn’t excite a gnat so we ain’t going there … not often anyway… if you’re lucky. 

After a couple of days of ‘How ’bout this? How ’bout that?” running amok in my cranium, I had a  forehead whacking moment of startling revelation … I’m gonna talk about other people!  Specifically polymer clay people and even MORE specifically, I’m gonna talk nice.

If you are familiar with polymer clay then you are probably  familiar with some well known artists such as Donna Kato, Maureen Carlson, Sue Heaser and so many other amazing artists. While I will include these talented and gracious artists from time to time, my primary focus is to introduce you to artists that you may not know … budding artists, shy artists, artists hiding their light under a bushel. There will also be talk about polymer clay things that I find along the way including tutorials, tips, techniques, tools, supplies, books or anything related to polymer clay.

The polymer clay community is beyond generous and will share most anything they know to get you addicted to clay too. If they get a light-bulb moment they HAVE to share it with you or risk the chance of imploding. A few keep their “secrets” but that is to be expected, especially if they are using polymer clay as a means to earn a living. I’ve ‘met’ so many talented and gracious people in my travels on the polymer clay road and this is the perfect opportunity to ‘introduce’ them to you.

That’s my plan. Meanwhile, I gotta work on getting some links and stuff done. I’m not anxious for anymore startling revelations at the moment …my forehead is still smarting from the last whacking.

thanks for being here …

hugs, luny

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