How very cool!

Kim Cavendar of Imagine Uncommon Things  visited my blog to see the fuss about those half moon beads that seems to be of interest to more folks than I ever expected. I never “expected” anything so I was surprised and pleased that I’ve gotten such nice feedback from some mighty fine folks.

Kim has some very nice things to say  ” …this is a wonderful bead shape and would lend itself to so many different surface designs.”  I felt pretty dang swell about that. I do agree that these beads are quite versatile. I am sure these beads have been done before by someone, somewhere but they are “new to me”. I originally got the idea from a bracelet I had seen a model wearing in a magazine. The more I play around with these things, the more interesting they get. I have been doing some fooling around with the half moon beads and have taken some new photos to show as soon as I get them edited and uploaded.

Kim was so kind to give me a mention in her blog too, so my counter hits have gone through the roof, yowser! Thank you so much Kim. I’ve been a long time admirer of your amazing creative talent, stunning work and for just being the very nice person that you are. Even though you do have that, uh. . . rock fetish thingy! LOL!

Hugs, luny