The road less traveled

The polymer clay world is positively overflowing with many talented and well known artists. We read about them all the time. We follow their successes, cheer them on and are thankful for all they have done to teach, encourage and inspire us. They have given back so much to the clay community and have rightfully earned their place in the spotlight and deserve to be respected and admired.

On the other hand, there are many, many more talented artists that don’t have their names up in lights . . . yet. Most folks may never have heard of them and I would like to do my little bit to change that. I’m not really sure what I’m doing with a blog anyway since I’m one of those that charge ahead with nothing but an idea and a “semi-plan”. It’s like leaving the house knowing you’ve got your knickers on but not quite sure if you’ve got them on inside out or right side in. You’re covered but a bit lacking in style.

With hopes of improving my sense of style I would like to introduce you to some interesting and talented folks you may not know.

Karin . . . “Kay”, a lovely and delightful artist from South Africa

Kay is an amazing polymer clay miniaturist specializing in mini foods. Sometimes I wonder if she secretly has a miniature army of little elves and gnomes hidden in a tiny factory somewhere. This girl can pump out some of the most yummy and delicious mini foods faster than a speeding bullet!

 Kay is a member and a moderator of CITY-O-CLAY where I have also been a happy member for many years. She is generous in helping others and sharing her techniques and how to lessons.

To find out more about this very talented lady you can check out her BLOG  and where you can also find some of her tutorials. You can see many fine examples of her work at her Flikr album Kay’s Miniatures  Bring a napkin – you WILL drool!  Kay also sells her wonderful miniatures and may be contacted at  for more information.


Gosh, now that wasn’t so bad.  I think I can do this . . .  now that I’ve got a reason to blog I might just stick with it. The hardest part is deciding who my next victim, uh …  ‘guest’ will be. No easy task as there are so many artists that I want you to meet.  Oh well, nothing like a good challenge to get the blood pumping!

Stay tuned. . .

 hugs, luny ♥